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Self-care for time-poor Mothers: suggestions for quick self-care

The term self-care gets bandied around a lot.  I too am guilty of talking about self-care, and have written a few previous posts about self-care for mothers and why it’s valuable and necessary.  And whilst it’s a concept with increasing usage, that doesn’t diminish it’s importance.

Self-care is especially important when we are going through a time of significant change.  Whether the change was wanted or unwanted, the need for self-care and self-compassion at these times is crucial.

However, when we are not experiencing significant transition, self-care and making time for what that entails, can feel like effort we cannot justify.  As busy mothers we can find lit self-care is a low priority.  One of our most popular excuse is we just don’t have time.  However, daily self-care need not require a large time commitment. 

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Introduce a joy break and improve your wellbeing

What is a joy break?  Read on and I’ll explain.

When we are super busy (whether we are enjoying ourselves or not), one of the best things we can do for our own well-being is take a break.  Whilst this may seem obvious, I have found only a few of us remember to do it.  I put myself in the category of those who frequently forget!

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Empty your bags: create space to fill your life with joy

In our lives, whether we are parents or not, grieving or not, experiencing change or not, we all have times when our ‘bags’ feel full.   Our head is full to overwhelm and we feel restricted by demands and expectations.

What if we simply emptied our bags?

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February; New Year for working mums

It’s almost February. Which I am sure for some people means they are well-established and well-underway taking action toward achieving their plans and goals for this year.

But, I’d hazard a guess that for a good proportion of working mothers, this is not the case.  Yes, really.

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Avoiding overwhelm; It’s Okay to say No

As women, whether we are working or not, mothers or not, grieving or not, we can often find ourselves with a sense of overwhelm.  Generally, our society expects us to be wonder-women; to do everything with style and grace, and of course, with a smile.

But so often this sense of expectation leads to overwhelm, burnout and resentment.

What if it was Okay for us to simply say no?

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How to avoid overwhelm during the holiday season: my top 5 tips

Yes, it’s nearly the end of the year again.  And as busy mothers,  we know that the holidays at this time of year bring great joy but also potential overwhelm.

With the school year wrapping up (here in the Australia anyway), the working year heading into end-of-year party time,  plus the holiday season rapidly approaching, many of us are rushed off our feet for these last few weeks of the year.   We have multiple things to do on our to-do list, places to be and people to see.  Plus, as mothers, we tend to have a huge list of things to get done that don’t even make it onto our to-do list!

Avoiding feeling overwhelmed is even more important if you are experiencing grief or a heightened emotional state.

But how do we find calm in this space?  How do we avoid feeling overwhelmed?

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Being prepared – the best gift

As adults, we know that there will be days when things go wrong.  The bus is late, the kids are naughty, you spill your coffee, the dog vomits on the carpet and so on.  Knowing this and accepting that these days (or nights) will occur is part of life.

But we can protect ourselves from further challenges by being prepared.  Not prepared to fail, but prepared to be successful even when things are not going so well.

And the key?  Being organised.

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How to slow time and have more fun

How many of us have said we wish we had more hours in the day?  Or, we wish that time would slow down a little?

As we get older, and have more to do it feels like the years slip past.  I know I feel this way.  As a child the school terms felt so long,  but as a parent, they fly past!

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Perfect versus good enough

I’ve been called a perfectionist much of my life.  Attempting to achieve perfection meant I often wouldn’t try new things or finish things I started; in case they were not perfect!  Despite these fairly major drawbacks, at times I have worn the perfectionist label with pride, but not anymore.  Now it’s all about ‘good enough’.

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Guilt and the need for solitude

In our day to day lives we are so busy with juggling paid-work, our kids, our partner, unpaid work and other commitments and demands upon our time that we run out of time for ourselves.  We often find we have unwittingly put ourselves last, again.  I’m not alone in this, right?!

If we have a rare moment for ourselves we feel guilty.

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