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It’s Okay to Write; the healing effects of the written word

It’s okay to write, despite the more common approach these days to type, and not record things in longhand.

Writing in longhand, that is, hand-writing, connects us to our true feelings and emotions.  Given it is a slower, more considered format than typing (or dictating), writing longhand can help us to channel what we are deeply, truly feeling and experiencing.

This is particularly the case if we are writing during or after a grief or transition period.

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How knowing your strengths makes you happier

We each have strengths. There are personality strengths, physical strength, spiritual strength and so on.

I want to talk about the strengths, or talents, that help make us who we are.  The skills, abilities and talents, that when we are operating within them, bring us enormous joy in our life, a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

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