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Introduce a joy break and improve your wellbeing

What is a joy break?  Read on and I’ll explain.

When we are super busy (whether we are enjoying ourselves or not), one of the best things we can do for our own well-being is take a break.  Whilst this may seem obvious, I have found only a few of us remember to do it.  I put myself in the category of those who frequently forget!

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Interviews with Inspiring Women: Upset to Set-Up – Natalie Roberts

Welcome to the ‘Upset to Set-Up’ Series: Interviews with Inspiring Women

This occasional interview series shines a spotlight on inspiring women and shares their stories of resilience in the face of upset.  Here we interview women who have overcome significant tragedy, loss or upset and used that experience to set themselves up in a new and different way.  They have turned their upset into a set-up.  Each guest generously shares what they have been through to find the joy in life.

Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts.  Photo: Emma Wise Photography

Today we meet Natalie Roberts.  Natalie is the founder of Miracle Mama, a global online sanctuary that empowers and inspires mothers who are raising special needs children.

Through coaching, community, and collaborations, Natalie’s mission is to create a space for women to reconnect with themselves and what is most important to them.  To rise to the challenge of special needs parenting and to meet each day with more ease and flow.

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Embrace the moment: It’s okay to be mindful

Being mindful is like the new black.  Being in the moment. Mindfulness.

Everyone talks about it and we all apparently *should* aspire to have moments of it in our days.  It’s been shown to improve our well-being and improve our productivity, efficiency and overall happiness.  For all people that sounds pretty good, but as busy mothers, it sounds amazing, right!?

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Happy Mothering; how your mood influences your home

The saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ is well-known.  But this also applies to happy mothers.

I heard it put as, ‘when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!‘.  And whilst I prefer a more positive version, I think you get the general idea!

As mother’s our mood and energy often dictate the mood and energy of our home and household.

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The secret power of writing: It’s Okay to journal

Recently, I had a double ‘a-ha’ moment, realising that;

  1. I have a lifetime habit of writing, that I was unaware of, and
  2. I think differently depending whether I am writing by hand, typing or dictating.

This insight got me thinking about when I write, why and for what purpose.

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How to Feel Better in only 10 Minutes

“Argh, I feel so stressed out! I have no time to get everything done today.”

This is me most days. I am always running a to-do list in my head, constantly monitoring and juggling what’s next, and focusing on the next task or activity that needs to be ‘checked off’.

The constant noise in my head as a result of this endless list chatter is pretty annoying actually. But I think it’s also pretty common for working mums. We perform so many roles (mother, wife/partner, employee, employer, friend, daughter to name but a few) that the number of things we expect of ourselves, including the number of things we expect to complete or achieve in a day, ends up bordering on the ridiculous. Tell me I’m not alone on this?!

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