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Valuing Tradition; Creating new traditions and rituals after child loss

Rituals and traditions play an important part in our lives.  Whether we identify as religious, spiritual or neither, rituals and traditions are forms of structure that help life flow more easily.

As bereaved parents, the importance of tradition is particularly felt around the holiday season and Christmas, when having traditions, or creating new traditions can help us get through potentially challenging times.

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Pregnancy and Baby Loss: You are Not Alone

Loss – a definition

Loss (noun)

  1. Failure to keep or to continue to have something
  2. The experience of having something taken from you or destroyed


Despite the pretty clear similarities in the first and second definitions above (loss; not having something), apparently we can have different definitions of loss, and different interpretations of what that means.

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Are you experiencing identity based suffering?

So much of our identity is linked to titles, jobs and labels.  But what happens when a longed for label doesn’t arrive in the way we wanted?   What impact does that have on our identity?

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