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Counting my blessings: It’s Okay to be Grateful

Being grateful.

It can feel very hard to be grateful when we are experiencing unwanted change, loss or undergoing a major life transition.  Feeling thankful can be almost impossible when we feel overwhelmed, stressed and grief-stricken.  The very idea of gratitude at this time can be abhorrent and feel completely inappropriate.

Yet expressing gratitude for what we have, and acknowledging the gifts in our life, is the best way I know to lift our mood and improve how we feel.

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The Gift of Gratitude; what we can learn from Van Gogh

It’s Okay to express gratitude.

In our busy lives, we can be so caught up ‘doing’ we can forget to appreciate all the wonderful people, places, experiences and things we have in our lives.  We are busy being the best we can be, yet missing the little moments.

Yet being grateful and expressing gratitude for what we have is one of the best ways to slow down, be mindful and connect with the little things (and people) that bring meaning to our lives.

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