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Pre-grief: Saying goodbye in advance

Pre-grief is also called anticipatory grief.  It essentially means having a grief reaction before the loss has actually occurred.

Pre-grief is the sadness we feel when we experience the passing of time with our loved ones.  People who were once so vibrant and full of life, become vague, forgetful and /or their senses fail them (eyesight, hearing). They are still with us, yet not the same.  And so we experience a sense of grief for the person they were and who they no longer seem to be. That person who is now lost to us, yet physically they are still here.

We mourn and miss the person they were, whilst they are still alive.

Pre-grief feelings of pain and loss can also come about from imagining what life will be like without our loved one.  This is particularly the case when our loved one is sick or dying.

We can experience pre-grief in many different relationships.  A grandparent, an elderly friend, your own parent or even your child – can all trigger pre-grief.

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Grief in the family; It’s Okay to allow others to mourn

When we lose a baby, it’s not just us who experience grief and mourn.  Those around us, our parents, our siblings and any children we already have, also all grieve.

Of course, we know this, but it can be very hard to recall when we are consumed by our own loss and the associated pain.

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