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Introduce a joy break and improve your wellbeing

What is a joy break?  Read on and I’ll explain.

When we are super busy (whether we are enjoying ourselves or not), one of the best things we can do for our own well-being is take a break.  Whilst this may seem obvious, I have found only a few of us remember to do it.  I put myself in the category of those who frequently forget!

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Happy Mothering; how your mood influences your home

The saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ is well-known.  But this also applies to happy mothers.

I heard it put as, ‘when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!‘.  And whilst I prefer a more positive version, I think you get the general idea!

As mother’s our mood and energy often dictate the mood and energy of our home and household.

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3 steps to increase joy

We all desire a little more joy in our life.  Through the daily busy-ness, and the demands on our time, plus the various things that irritate, annoy or frustrate, it can feel like there isn’t a lot of time left for happiness, let alone joy.

Yet, we are all capable of increasing the joy we feel and experience.  Like most good things in life, it just requires a little effort (but not much really!).

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I asked for parenting feedback – from my kids!

“We are after your feedback, it’ll just take a minute”

Many of us have been called up by survey companies seeking our feedback and opinion on everything from the which political party we prefer, to which fabric softener we use.  We understand that despite the inconvenience of the interruption (often during dinner), it’s actually all about gathering information to help make things better – well, that’s the theory.

As  parents, working or otherwise, we all give and receive feedback on a multitude of tasks, everyday.  We become used to it, and some of us even get very good at it.  But in our other big job, the one that directly impacts the people we love most in the world, do we seek feedback on how we are going as parents, so that we can improve?

Generally, no.

But one day I did; I asked my kids. 

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Dressing for Success

You’ve probably heard the advice, “dress for success”.   Or, perhaps you’ve heard or were told, “dress for the job you want to have, not the one you do have”?

Well, what about when we are perfectly happy with the job we have but need or want to feel a certain way?

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Perfect versus good enough

I’ve been called a perfectionist much of my life.  Attempting to achieve perfection meant I often wouldn’t try new things or finish things I started; in case they were not perfect!  Despite these fairly major drawbacks, at times I have worn the perfectionist label with pride, but not anymore.  Now it’s all about ‘good enough’.

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