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Interviews with Inspiring Women: Upset to Set-up – Jodie Matthews

Welcome to the ‘Upset to Set-Up’ Series: Interviews with Inspiring Women

This quarterly interview series shines a spotlight on inspiring women and shares their stories of resilience in the face of upset.  Here we interview women who have overcome significant tragedy, loss or upset and used that experience to set themselves up in a new and different way.  They have turned their upset into a set-up.  Each guest generously shares what they have been through to find the joy in life.

Jodie Matthews

Today we meet Jodie Matthews.

Jodie is mother to Hamish, a qualified CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) and life coach as well as a meditation teacher.

Bringing her many talents together, Jodie is passionate about empowering women around self-worth and money.

Her love for Hamish led her to write a daily blog, which shares her grief journey.  She has also written a book on ‘Navigating Baby Loss’. The book shares her story of dealing with the loss of Hamish and stories of seven mothers whom have also experienced loss.

Jodie is an inspiring woman and mother, and I know you will enjoy this interview with her as much as I did.

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Honouring your Memories: creating a memory box

Using a memory box helps honour our memories, whilst getting organised.  

It’s nearly the end of March, a new season is upon us and New Year’s resolutions feel like a long time ago.  With the Easter long weekend coming up, you might be contemplating either heading away or tackling a home organisation project.

One area of home organisation we often put off is tackling sentimental items. 

Today, I am going to share how we can get organised whilst honouring our memories, with a memory box.

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A Mother’s Love – My Story of Baby Loss

In honour of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, today I share my story.

You may feel you know a fair bit about me, due to what I share here on a regular basis.  But much of my story I have not shared before as it has been too painful, and too personal.

My story is one of a mother’s love.  A story of baby loss.  This week marks 9 years since we lost our second son.  Those nine years sound like a long time, but they also feel like a mere moment.

I share my story today in the hope it may help someone.  Another parent who has lost a baby and is grieving and feeling alone.  Maybe that parent is you.

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