As well as individual coaching for parents, I work with organisations to provide appropriate support for employees who have lost a child.

When an employee faces the loss of a longed for child, it’s traumatic.  And just like other times of trauma in our lives, when we lose a child, we require more support than just the legislated bereavement leave.  There are a multitude of other tasks and support, some small and others large, that can contribute to the wellbeing of the employee.

Providing appropriate, sufficient and thoughtful support for employees who have been through trauma, but especially the loss of a child, can directly contribute to employee loyalty and retention.  And not just for the bereaved parents.  All employees feel they belong to a more caring organisation, and take pride in working for them, when organisations provide appropriate and timely support after trauma.

As both an HR professional and bereaved parent, I am deeply passionate about working with organisations to help them support parents who have lost a child.

Organisations and HR Practitioners

I work with businesses at both an organisational and individual level, as well as working directly with HR practitioners.

Together we examine;

  • Appropriate support mechanisms your business can, and should, look to provide in the immediate to short-term.
  • Considerations to ensure the ongoing well-being and retention of these employees.
  • The longer-term impact for this employee and their role at work.
  • Further options may you wish to consider when looking at supporting them in the longer-term.

Loss Support - Business Focus; Tailored Series or One Off Session

This option is right for you if you are an individual HR practitioner or organisation, business or group wanting to support your employee or employees who have lost a child.

This option allows you to create a tailored series specifically for your business, OR book a single, intensive and personalised session.

Benefit from my extensive knowledge and experience working in Human Resources, as well as coaching experience working with parents who have lost a child.

Provide support that results in your organisation being an Employer of Choice.

“I’ve worked with Rowena for over 15 years and throughout that time she’s been one of the single most positive influences on my life.

When I initially met Rowena she naturally took on a mentoring role and although things have evolved somewhat since then, I would still class her as one of my most valued mentors, coaches and friends.”

Matt, Director & Founder, Published Author, Father, Sydney, Australia.


Workshops are an effective and efficient way to help Human Resource practitioners and key people leaders learn how to adequately support returning parents.

Loss and Loyalty - Supporting Parents Return to Work After Loss; Two (2) Hour Workshop

This workshop is ideal for businesses or organisations looking for an intensive, action focussed session for multiple attendees.

This 2 hour workshop gives clear, actionable outcomes for your business to ensure you provide appropriate support to your employees to assist them returning to work after their loss.

Appropriate, timely and ongoing support boosts employee engagement and retention.  Meaning your organisation is not only doing the right thing, but benefits from it too with engaged and loyal employees.


“Rowena is a truly inspiring woman.  Before I met her I knew little about stillbirth and the silent impacts it has in our society. 

She is really doing wonderful things to help women like herself and their families find their joy in life again after experiencing this tragedy.  I also admire how she passionately advocates to raise awareness of and bring a voice to this issue in society and also the workplace.”

Kate, Conscious Business & Career Coach, Melbourne, Australia.

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