Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss

After I lost my son, I had lots of support – for which I am eternally grateful. There were bereaved parent support groups, parenting after loss groups and stillbirth specific support groups.  All were brilliant, and helped me enormously.

But, once it was a year or more after the loss, those support groups didn’t feel right anymore.  I was no longer in the raw grief, and instead was looking for support that acknowledged where I’d been and where I’d come from, but that now I was different and needing a different type of support.

A more future focussed support.

A space to share my hopes, and know that others understood why certain dreams now meant more to me.

A new community.

I couldn’t find a group like that, so I created one.

Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL)

Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL) is a closed Facebook group specifically for parents who have lost a baby through late miscarriage, stillbirth or neo-natal death, and who have had some time pass since the loss.

A group for parents to support each other as they identify and answer ‘what do I do next?’.

What’s it about?

In the PETAL group, we recognise that the impact of the loss of your child continues through your whole life;

  • habits and routines change,
  • new traditions are formed,
  • new and/or different friendships or relationships are made, and
  • decision making in much of your life is influenced by the experience you’ve had.

We implicitly know that

“we are all influenced and shaped by our experiences”.

PETAL members also have a deep understanding and awareness that the loss of your child can feel unnatural, and so brings up many questions for us as parents, such as;

  • What am I doing here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Life is so short, how can I use this traumatic experience to do something worthwhile and make a difference?

This group is a safe space, where it’s okay, and in fact encouraged, to explore these questions.

Yes, I need that!

If this sounds like you, please come by and join.  Or if you know someone who has lost a child and might benefit, please share this information.

Join  here

Not on Facebook?

No problem. Sign up here and I’ll send you regular updates, information and inspiration.


Significance of the PETAL emblem – the Australian Flannel Flower

Fact       +       Symbolism

The creamy white coloured flannel flower has a soft wooly feel to it’s petals.
The petals feel soft like flannel (hence the name) but also are textural, covered in tiny downy hairs, just like new babies skin.
Flannel flowers grow in sandstone heathlands and bloom especially beautifully after bushfires.
Similarly, as bereaved parents we grow and thrive, despite the circumstances we find ourselves in.  After experiencing the trauma and grief of loss, we can choose to transition and evolve into even better versions of ourselves.
Flannel flowers bloom in October, although can be seen flowering through to December.
October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.