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Hi, I'm Rowena Mabbott a Life and Transitions Coach








Hi, I’m Rowena Mabbott a lifestyle and energy coach

Thank you for joining me in my online home,  You are very welcome here.

Please stay awhile, take a look around and learn a bit more about me and what I do.

What I do

I  work with individuals and organisations to support women who are experiencing transition.  Transition simply means change; whether it be the loss of a child, a career change, a direction change or a deep desire to live a different life.

Clients work with me to help them through the transition. To gain clarity about who they truly want to be in their life, and the type of life they wish to live. This can be around career, passion, legacy, purpose or just life in general.

I do this via many roles, including:

  • Life & Transitions Coach
  • Consultant
  • Writer
  • Speaker

Into each of these I bring my experience as a life coach, senior HR manager, consultant and facilitator as well as my personal experience of transitions, including child loss and career change.

Why I do what I do

In 2008 my second son was stillborn.  As a result of this life-changing experience, I made a decision to live a different life. It took seven years to identify my purpose and legacy – to be a life coach and help other women who are experiencing significant change and transition in their life. Whilst the loss of my son does not define me, it has altered the shape of my life.

Through my work, and the transformations clients achieve, I ensure I am living my purpose and honouring myself.  In that way, I feel my son’s very short life has ongoing meaning in the world.

I love to work with people who have experienced a transition point, such as the loss of a child or a career change, to help them discover or rediscover the joy in their life.  What this specifically looks like is different for each individual I work with, but the commonality is that each person feels happier, more fulfilled and has greater clarity about their future.

I want to use my experience to make your journey easier, and help you live a life full of joy, hope and love.


I  work with women who are experiencing, or have experienced, a major life change.  You may have had a significant loss (baby or child loss), or a dramatic career change, or some other form of life-altering event.  You want to honour yourself and acknowledge your strength and resilience by confidently living your best life; a life full of joy, hope and love that also leaves a legacy.

For individuals, we do this via one-on-one coaching.  We work together to identify your values, purpose or legacy, and how to live in a way that truly honours you.  So you can live your best life – a life you love.

Through my coaching programs and utilising a transition toolkit, we explore the life you desire, and how we can transform your upset to a set-up for the future.


“When I came to Rowena, I was struggling with finding time for myself, feeling confused about my identity in new roles, and lacking career clarity.

After our coaching series, I am moving towards my legacy with intent and purpose.

The coaching sessions really put my life in perspective. The clarity I gained has given me a sense of purpose, not only in the short-term but allowed me to align my life where I want to leave my legacy on earth. Now I am not afraid of dreaming big; I’m on my way to fulfilling my inner calling.”

Mona, Business Development Specialist & Mother, Perth, Australia.


As a result of my personal experiences, I care deeply about supporting parents to evolve and transition after baby loss.  The Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL) group was created for this purpose.  A place for parents to support each other as they identify and answer ‘what do I do next?’


For organisations and HR experts, I provide tailored sessions exploring the value proposition and strategic benefit of workplace support for bereaved parents, including long-term career impacts, employee wellbeing and talent retention.

When an organisation gets the provision of support right, they have a loyal employee for life. Which is beneficial for both the organisation and individual.

As an HR professional, and as a bereaved parent, working with organisations to help them support other parents is something I am deeply passionate about.


My entire philosophy and way of being is based on the importance of trust.  I believe this is the key to creating deep and lasting relationships, which is the essence of what brings meaning to life.

I’m approachable, accountable and easy to be with.  I do what I say I will do.

Listening closely and protecting the confidentiality of those I support is simply who I am.  I am reliable, loyal and care deeply about people.

I am a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach  through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA).  Whilst Life Coaching is currently unregulated, the Academy is certified through the International Coaching Federation.

I have a degree in Psychology and Business Law, and have spent nearly twenty years working as a Human Resources Professional in large corporates, with not-for-profits and as a consultant, with a focus on organisational development and change management. I also have more than twenty years of informal mentoring and coaching experience.

On a personal note

I live in Sydney’s Inner West with my husband and two gorgeous sons.  I love music (I sing in a choir), travel, theatre, reading and time in nature – especially if water is nearby.

Simple things make me very happy; like a fresh bunch of flowers, a sunny day, the feel of sand between my toes, a cup of hot tea or a good book.  Most of all, I am passionate about finding the things that bring joy, hope and love to my life.


I would love to work with you

If you are seeking a compassionate and trustworthy professional, who really understands what you’ve been through, then I am here for you.  Have a look around, and get to know me and my coaching work.  Or, get in touch!

Yes! I am interested in knowing more about working with Rowena

You can also get to know me better and connect with a community of other parents by joining the Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL) group.

Want to know more?

PETAL – Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss

Professional Bio

joyhopelove.comRowena Mabbott is a Life and Transitions Coach, writer, speaker, mother and consultant. Through her coaching practice JoyHopeLove, Rowena works with women from around the world who are going through a time of transition and are seeking more clarity, confidence and joy in their life. 

Rowena has a degree in Psychology and Business Law, and has spent nearly twenty years working as a Human Resources Professional in large corporates, with not-for-profits and as an independent consultant, with a focus on organisational development and change management. She has more than twenty years of informal mentoring and coaching experience.

Rowena is based in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two sons.