Month: July 2018

Taking a break; the importance of recharging after significant change

“I need a break!”

This is a common feeling when we are in the midst of change.

During times of significant change and transition, and more importantly, after them, we can find ourselves feeling one of two ways.  Either full of renewed energy and vigour for our ‘new’ life; or utterly, bone-wearily exhausted.

Both experiences are normal.

As someone who has been through many transitions in my life, including a number of major life changes within in the last year or two, I am very familiar with both feelings.

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Benefits of a mid-year review

This time of year is review season in the corporate world, and for many of us, even if we are not part of the corporate world, it’s timely to consider a mid-year review of our own too.

If like me, you feel the year has been slipping past because you’ve been so busy, it might be time to pause and reflect.  This time of year is an ideal time to do this.  With the first six months of the year behind us, now is a good time to look back on the goals we set for the year and to consider how we are progressing towards them.

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