Month: February 2018

The joy of letting go: making the most of life transitions

There are many times in our lives when we desire to find joy by letting things go.  Possibly the most challenging and yet potentially most rewarding, is the joy of letting go during major life transitions.

Life transitions are an opportunity to let go of your own limitations, expectations and the constructs that keep you playing small.  Discarding the beliefs that stop you doing what you want to do.  Times of significant life change are ideal to reconsider what you truly desire and let go of everything else.

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Interviews with Inspiring Women: Upset to Set-up – Ann-Maree Imrie

Welcome to the ‘Upset to Set-Up’ Series: Interviews with Inspiring Women

This quarterly interview series shines a spotlight on inspiring women and shares their stories of resilience in the face of upset.  Here we interview women who have overcome significant tragedy, loss or upset and used that experience to set themselves up in a new and different way.  They have turned their upset into a set-up.  Each guest generously shares what they have been through to find the joy in life.

Ann-Maree Imrie

Ann-Maree with Kai and “You Could Have Been…”

Today we meet Ann-Maree Imrie.

Ann-Maree is a social worker and author of the children’s picture book, ‘You Could Have Been…’

Ann-Maree used the grief she felt after the stillbirth of her first son to write a book for bereaved parents to read to their child who died, or didn’t survive a pregnancy.  It’s filled with a parent’s wonder of who their child could have been if they’d had the chance to grow up. The book is written to the child, so a parent can talk to them about their lost hopes and dreams, but most importantly, their love.

Ann-Maree is an inspiring woman and mother, and I know you will love learning more about her in this interview.

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