Month: November 2016

It’s Okay to trust your instincts

Trusting our instincts, or listening to our intuition, is something we women are supposedly good at.  But, it can take life experience and practice to really learn what that really means.  Learning to trust our instincts can take time.

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How to avoid overwhelm during the holiday season: my top 5 tips

Yes, it’s nearly the end of the year again.  And as busy mothers,  we know that the holidays at this time of year bring great joy but also potential overwhelm.

With the school year wrapping up (here in the Australia anyway), the working year heading into end-of-year party time,  plus the holiday season rapidly approaching, many of us are rushed off our feet for these last few weeks of the year.   We have multiple things to do on our to-do list, places to be and people to see.  Plus, as mothers, we tend to have a huge list of things to get done that don’t even make it onto our to-do list!

Avoiding feeling overwhelmed is even more important if you are experiencing grief or a heightened emotional state.

But how do we find calm in this space?  How do we avoid feeling overwhelmed?

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You are a role model; even when you don’t know it

It’s Okay to be you.

I know, this seems pretty obvious!  But we can all do with a reminder from time to time.  It’s safe to be yourself, and you are needed.  You are a role model.

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4 things I’ve learned from undertaking the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course

When we undergo change, whether it be wanted (such as taking a course) or unwanted (such as the loss of our child), we experience many insights and learn a lot too.

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It’s Okay to be Brave (especially when you feel it least)

‘You are so brave!’

This has been said to me many times in my life.  Each time though, I did not feel brave.  Bravery and being brave were often the last things on my mind.

Rather, I was simply doing what I felt I had to do at that time, in that moment.

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