Month: September 2016

Are you experiencing identity based suffering?

So much of our identity is linked to titles, jobs and labels.  But what happens when a longed for label doesn’t arrive in the way we wanted?   What impact does that have on our identity?

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It’s Okay to just be okay: Accepting perfect is unachievable

It’s Okay to just be okay; not perfect, not brilliant.  Just okay.

Yet in the culture we live in, striving for perfection is unfortunately fairly common place.   As parents, and mothers in particular, we are susceptible to falling victim to comparisons, where we compare many aspects of our own life with others who we deem are more “perfect”.

What about instead, we say it’s okay to just be ‘okay’.

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Happy Mothering; how your mood influences your home

The saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ is well-known.  But this also applies to happy mothers.

I heard it put as, ‘when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!‘.  And whilst I prefer a more positive version, I think you get the general idea!

As mother’s our mood and energy often dictate the mood and energy of our home and household.

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Grandfathers, loss and legacy; a very personal story

It’s Okay to want to leave a legacy.

We talk about the idea of legacy; leaving a legacy, living a legacy.

The way we wish to leave or live a legacy can be different for every individual.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and relatives are all impacted by the loss of a child.  It’s Okay for any individual to want to honour the memory of your child.

It’s Okay for anyone to want to leave a legacy.

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