Month: July 2016

The Power of Connection

During times of transition, and regardless of whether you are experiencing change that is wanted or unwanted, support can be found when connecting with others who are on the same journey.

Sometimes those other people may be a little ahead of where you are, or may be a little behind. Regardless, the common experience and shared understanding of what you are each going through is powerful.

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What grief and growth have in common

Lately, when I ask friends, family and clients how they are, they answer either one of two ways; busy, or exhausted, or sometimes, both!

Friends and family are experiencing a lot of change and growth this year, with many returning to study, changing jobs or careers, travelling, launching new business ventures, moving house, undertaking massive home renovations or embarking on the next step of their life adventure.

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3 steps to increase joy

We all desire a little more joy in our life.  Through the daily busy-ness, and the demands on our time, plus the various things that irritate, annoy or frustrate, it can feel like there isn’t a lot of time left for happiness, let alone joy.

Yet, we are all capable of increasing the joy we feel and experience.  Like most good things in life, it just requires a little effort (but not much really!).

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What is the big deal about self-care?

When we lost our son I was told by many people, “Be kind to yourself”.  I would nod, but deep down had no idea what this really meant.   No-one explained it to me and  I didn’t ask.  I assumed it was just something I was meant to implicitly know.

It was only years later when I finally realised what being kind to yourself meant – it was about self-care.

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