Month: June 2016

I asked for parenting feedback – from my kids!

“We are after your feedback, it’ll just take a minute”

Many of us have been called up by survey companies seeking our feedback and opinion on everything from the which political party we prefer, to which fabric softener we use.  We understand that despite the inconvenience of the interruption (often during dinner), it’s actually all about gathering information to help make things better – well, that’s the theory.

As  parents, working or otherwise, we all give and receive feedback on a multitude of tasks, everyday.  We become used to it, and some of us even get very good at it.  But in our other big job, the one that directly impacts the people we love most in the world, do we seek feedback on how we are going as parents, so that we can improve?

Generally, no.

But one day I did; I asked my kids. 

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How to slow time and have more fun

How many of us have said we wish we had more hours in the day?  Or, we wish that time would slow down a little?

As we get older, and have more to do it feels like the years slip past.  I know I feel this way.  As a child the school terms felt so long,  but as a parent, they fly past!

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The secret power of writing: It’s Okay to journal

Recently, I had a double ‘a-ha’ moment, realising that;

  1. I have a lifetime habit of writing, that I was unaware of, and
  2. I think differently depending whether I am writing by hand, typing or dictating.

This insight got me thinking about when I write, why and for what purpose.

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Do you long for a room of your own?

Do you find yourself craving a room of your own?  I did this past weekend.

It was a wet, wild weather weekend in Sydney with severe storm warnings encouraging us to stay indoors.  So we did.  And whilst I loved being snug, dry and cosy with my family, there were a few moments when I really wished for more physical space between me and the other people in my home. 

I found myself wishing I could go to a room of my own!  

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