Month: May 2016

Dressing for Success

You’ve probably heard the advice, “dress for success”.   Or, perhaps you’ve heard or were told, “dress for the job you want to have, not the one you do have”?

Well, what about when we are perfectly happy with the job we have but need or want to feel a certain way?

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Top tip for a more joyful life

We all want to a live a life filled with joyful moments.   We seek joy in relationships, experiences, moments and even belongings.

So what if I told you there is a simple, effective and free way we can have more joy in our daily lives?  Interested?

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Forgiveness is hard: It’s Okay to Forgive

“Forgive and forget”.  

We are told this from a young age when something unpleasant happens, or a schoolyard game gets out of hand.

In essence we are told to forgive the other person, forget about the incident and get on with our lives.  We have it drummed into us as little children, and maybe even find ourselves saying the same thing to any kids in our lives now.  It’s part of our culture.

But we don’t talk about how hard it is to forgive.

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It’s Okay to ask for help

As busy women who are juggling work, managing a household, a partner, children and the umpteen other things we try to keep on top of, it is often hard to accept that things might be easier if we just asked for help.

Asking for help feels like admitting failure for many of us.  We feel that we should be wonder-woman or super-mum, who has got everything sorted and everything organised and is kicking goals all over the place.

But there are times when asking for and accepting help can make all the difference in terms of our well-being, self-care and our relationships.

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When Mother’s Day is bittersweet

We think about and celebrate our mum’s on Mother’s Day.  We are encouraged to do so.  We think about what it means to be a Mother – the unconditional love, the care, and the support.  And once we are mother’s ourselves, our appreciation for our own mother increases dramatically.

But what about when this is not your experience of Mother’s Day?

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