Month: April 2016

Perfect versus good enough

I’ve been called a perfectionist much of my life.  Attempting to achieve perfection meant I often wouldn’t try new things or finish things I started; in case they were not perfect!  Despite these fairly major drawbacks, at times I have worn the perfectionist label with pride, but not anymore.  Now it’s all about ‘good enough’.

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Lipstick as Confidence Booster

When my youngest son was approaching one year old he was struggling with getting to and staying sleep at night.  As a result I was getting little to no sleep every night.  I’m sure other new mothers have been there too, right?!

I was desperate and finally got an appointment for a referral to sleep school for my baby.  The day of the appointment came and I was feeling tired, haggard and run down. To give me the energy to get through the day, I put on a nice top, a red coat (it was winter) and some lipstick.

I bumped into a friend on the way home from the school run and as we chatted, I mentioned my desperation and appointment.  Her response was immediate and firm. “Go home, wipe that lipstick off and remove the coat! You look way too well put together for anyone to believe you are struggling with lack of sleep!!”

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Guilt and the need for solitude

In our day to day lives we are so busy with juggling paid-work, our kids, our partner, unpaid work and other commitments and demands upon our time that we run out of time for ourselves.  We often find we have unwittingly put ourselves last, again.  I’m not alone in this, right?!

If we have a rare moment for ourselves we feel guilty.

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Comfort zone be gone!

About 5 months after our second son died, I did something very unlike me.  It was definitely out of my comfort zone.  After years of working in the corporate world, and then a stay-at-home-mother, I became a Tupperware demonstrator.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I’d requested a catalog, and as I was flipping through it saw a page at the back suggesting that I too could be a Tupperware consultant.  Hours were flexible, and I could manage my own time.  The idea percolated, and before I knew it, I was in.  Only weeks later I had a full kit of Tupperware items ready to demonstrate, and parties booked.

Suddenly I was way out of my depth, and definitely out of my comfort zone.

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