Month: March 2016

Why decluttering can be therapeautic

As a busy mum, perhaps like me, you are familiar with the feeling that your home can turn from ‘neat and tidy’ to ‘bomb site’ in the mere blink of an eye. (Hello, the kids are home from school and with them comes the mess…)

It’s super frustrating!  And I am guilty of ranting and raving at the children, my husband and myself about how if we were just better organised we could keep our home neat and tidy for longer.

But, can I let you in on a secret?  Are you ready?

It’s not about being organised.  No, organisation just won’t cut it.

True change will only come from getting rid of stuff; from decluttering.

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How a dead laptop changed my habits

Only a day or two after I launched this website, my computer died. It just stopped working, with no warning, no goodbye, nothing.  Just wouldn’t load anymore.

Yes my laptop hard drive was gone.

Photos, files, documents and e-books all gone.  The photos and documents were the most upsetting because they could not easily be replaced.  Hours of work had gone, photos and memories no longer saved for posterity, or even to put in a photo book for the kids.

After taking a day or two to get my head around this massive inconvenience and feeling frustrated, angry and upset about the loss of all that work, I decided I needed to take my own advice.

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Embrace Sadness to Feel Better Sooner

When I first moved away from home and lived overseas by myself for a year when I was 18, it was the days of mix tapes (yes, I know – the dark ages!). I guess these were our version of a playlist, but we couldn’t adjust them without frantic use of the fast forward or rewind buttons…

Anyway, I prepared for that year by making two mix tapes specifically to help manage my emotions. The first one was called “happy songs” and the second, “sad songs”. Hmm, not such a master of creative naming!

My parents, siblings and boyfriend of the time all thought I was crazy to create a sad songs tape.

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Protect your time

It’s Okay to … protect your time by not answering the phone

Yes, it certainly is. I don’t mean indefinitely, although that might suit some of you, rather I mean not responding to the call right now.  Respond in your own time, when you are ready.

Clearly there are times when you need to answer the phone, for example if it’s your child’s school or childcare and they are currently AT that school or childcare. That should be pretty self-evident!

Rather, I am referring to the times of your day or life when you are either feeling overwhelmed, stressed or emotional.  Always your time is precious, and you can choose how you spend it, but even more so when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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Is a man worth $50,000 more than a woman?

As I was driving in the car yesterday, the Eurythmics’ version of the song, “Sisters are doin’ it for themselves” was playing on the radio.  It was such an anthem for me as I was growing up (yes, 80’s child!).  As I listened, enjoying the flashback and singing along as I drove, I realised this song was part of my journey.

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