Month: February 2016

Humour helps us heal

“Seeking someone with a good sense of humour”…

It is widely acknowledged that humour, and laughter in particular, releases endorphins which help us feel good.  Which I guess is why we all seek this in our friends, and also in our life partners.  There are countless articles about the benefits of humour, books, and even movies (remember the late great Robin Williams as Patch Adams?)  Humour helps us feel good and helps us heal.

When our second son was stillborn at 35 weeks there was not a lot of laughter.  It was the toughest and saddest time of my life.  We were struggling to comprehend why our son died, and yet had to plan and organise a funeral for our tiny child to be held within days of his birth.

It was a dark period for me. A time of extreme emotional pain, worsened by the physical pain of post-labour cramping – all of which felt like further insult when there was no child to hold.  A time of extreme grief, pain, anger, disbelief and of course, tears.

Yet, there were moments, glimpses, of normal life. These appeared fleetingly, and would pass again. But often these little moments involved a touch of humour.

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How to Feel Better in only 10 Minutes

“Argh, I feel so stressed out! I have no time to get everything done today.”

This is me most days. I am always running a to-do list in my head, constantly monitoring and juggling what’s next, and focusing on the next task or activity that needs to be ‘checked off’.

The constant noise in my head as a result of this endless list chatter is pretty annoying actually. But I think it’s also pretty common for working mums. We perform so many roles (mother, wife/partner, employee, employer, friend, daughter to name but a few) that the number of things we expect of ourselves, including the number of things we expect to complete or achieve in a day, ends up bordering on the ridiculous. Tell me I’m not alone on this?!

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It’s Okay to get off social media

“Nah, that’s just the Facebook version, only edited highlights” …

Ever heard these words? I hadn’t, but was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to a (real not just FB) friend about his recent overseas holiday. I welcomed him back to Sydney, and asked about the holiday, saying “Wow, it looked absolutely amazing! Tell me about it?!” To which, I got the above response.

Now I am sure we all understand, at least subconsciously, that much of what gets posted to social media is the spin or story people want you to believe about their life. I kind of knew this, but was as guilty as the next person of experiencing moments of fear, dread and jealousy looking at other peoples’ posts regarding their “amazing awesome life”.

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