Hello and welcome!

My name is Rowena Mabbott and I am an energy and lifestyle coach, and aspiring writer. I am passionate about seeing the positive in situations and enjoying the special moments in the everyday that remind us we live in a world where we can experience joy, hope and love.

A big part of why I am here, as a coach and writing this blog, is because more than 7 years ago my second son was stillborn. After a period of intense sadness and a lot of grief, I went on to have another beautiful son and experience many joyful, happy and love-filled moments.

But that journey had tough times where I questioned whether I would be ok, if my marriage would survive or whether somehow my first son would be irrevocably harmed by my sadness and grief. Thrown into the mix was the usual challenge of trying to be it all and have it all. Yet I came through the other side with a renewed passion for life and an appreciation for the little things that remind us that life is precious and is there to be enjoyed.

My purpose in life now is to help other women transform their lives from one of experiencing the pain of loss, unwanted change, anxiety, challenge and imbalance to a balanced, happy life. I do this via my blog and coaching practice.

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