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I’m Rowena Mabbott,  and welcome to JoyHopeLove, my online home.

I am a certified Beautiful You Life Coach, with a background in psychology and human resources.  I’m also a writer, speaker and consultant.

JoyHopeLove provides coaching support for women who are going through a time of transition and are seeking more clarity, confidence and joy in their life. 


You are very welcome here.  Please stay awhile, take a look around and get to know me and what I offer.

As a coach, I love working with women who are experiencing a time of transition.  A transition simple means a time of change – whether it be the loss of a child, career change or a general feeling that you are seeking more from life.  If any or all of these feel familiar, I’d love to work with you.

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Why Joy Hope Love

joyhopelove.comThere are many reasons why I use the name JoyHopeLove for my coaching practice.

The main reason is it woke me up.  Yes, the name came to me in the middle of the night.  Despite my sleepy state I sensed it was right immediately but my logical brain wasn’t sure.  The deeper I thought about it, the more right it felt.

We all desire or could benefit from joy, hope and love in our lives.

After we experience significant change in our life (including loss), one of the ways we can help ourselves feel better is to focus on rediscovering our joy.  As we focus on the joy in our life, the feelings of hope and love also increase.

My journey after loss and transition was very much around me seeking these things, and then knowing when I found them to appreciate them.

Honour yourself, live your best life and leave a legacy

JoyHopeLove is all about providing coaching support for women who are going through a time of transition and are seeking more clarity, confidence and joy in their life.  We do this by working together in a values-based coaching model.

It took me years to discover how I wanted to honour myself and live my best life.  Key to this was knowing I want live my life in a way that honours the son I lost.

My sons are the reason I am a coach.  My stillborn son especially; he is the reason I care so deeply about helping other women, and mothers particularly. And he is the reason I started this coaching practice; so I can help make a difference in the world, raising awareness of baby loss and working with women who want to have more in their life.  More joy, more hope and more love.

Women who have experienced great tragedy or transition, yet are braver, stronger and more driven as a result.

Women who choose to turn their upset into a set-up; who choose to turn struggles into strengths.

Women who want a roadmap for the future.

A future you feel excited by, with meaning and purpose, and that honours you.

A future that is full of joy, hope and love.

Through JoyHopeLove I honour myself and the child I lost.

And living a life full of joy, hope and love is my legacy.

Do you want to live your life with purpose, to honour yourself and live your legacy too?

I’d love to help you achieve this.  Have a look around, and get to know me and my work.  Make sure you sign up to receive my FREE Ebook and regular newsletters.

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