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What Travel and Transitions have in common

People paced.  Others sat.  Some chatted on their phones, and others poked frantically at the device cradled lovingly in their palm.

But we were all waiting.

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It’s Okay to change direction

Whether we have experienced a transition, grief, or significant change in our lives, there come times when we feel the need to change direction.  Changing direction can be a choice we consciously make, or something that is decided for us. Sometimes circumstances dictate that a change of direction is the only way to move forward.

It’s okay to change direction.

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Empty your bags: create space to fill your life with joy

In our lives, whether we are parents or not, grieving or not, experiencing change or not, we all have times when our ‘bags’ feel full.   Our head is full to overwhelm and we feel restricted by demands and expectations.

What if we simply emptied our bags?

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Change alters time; It’s Okay to leave town

When we change our habits and routines, or take a break and leave town, almost magically, the way we experience time feels different too.   It feels slower, and more memorable. We recall in more detail what we did, who we saw, what we ate; our lives feel more interesting.

Knowing this, and using this to our advantage can assist with coping when we have experienced loss.

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New Year, New You; making your dreams come true in 2017

Got a dream?  A big, slightly scary dream that fills you with equal parts excitement and fear?

You’re completely forgiven if you don’t, as right now, with the excitement of the New Year there is rather a lot of hype around the latest diets, health plans, make-overs and the like.  Dreams mostly don’t get a mention.

Instead  at this time of year, we are inundated with articles, posts and advertisements promising that if we just follow a certain program, or steps we will change our life, and will look and feel fabulous too!

But what about those dreams?  Where do they come into it?

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4 things I’ve learned from undertaking the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course

When we undergo change, whether it be wanted (such as taking a course) or unwanted (such as the loss of our child), we experience many insights and learn a lot too.

This year has been full of change for me, and my family also.  We knew in advance it would be that kind of year. Continue reading

We are better mothers when we look after ourselves

As mothers, self-love and self-care are a necessity, as beautifully explained in this guest post by Olga Dossa. 

Our children become who we are, not what we tell them to be.

I experienced this most clearly than when my mother unexpectedly died 10 years ago.

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Happy Mothering; how your mood influences your home

The saying ‘happy wife, happy life’ is well-known.  But this also applies to happy mothers.

I heard it put as, ‘when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!‘.  And whilst I prefer a more positive version, I think you get the general idea!

As mother’s our mood and energy often dictate the mood and energy of our home and household.

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Being prepared – the best gift

As adults, we know that there will be days when things go wrong.  The bus is late, the kids are naughty, you spill your coffee, the dog vomits on the carpet and so on.  Knowing this and accepting that these days (or nights) will occur is part of life.

But we can protect ourselves from further challenges by being prepared.  Not prepared to fail, but prepared to be successful even when things are not going so well.

And the key?  Being organised.

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The art of reflection; celebrating our moments

Last week I found myself reflecting upon how I came to be here.  Not in a ‘where did I come from’ type of way, but more where I was 12 months ago versus now.

We all reflect a little on our lives at certain times in the year; what we’ve achieved or accomplished, what’s working and what is not working.  Often the times we find ourselves in a reflective mood coincide with special occasions, such as birthdays, family celebrations (anniversaries) and of course, the most well-known, New Year.

But there is merit in reflecting at other times too – precisely because it’s not a special time, so the pressure is off.  Instead we can simply reflect and ponder on what we’ve done or learned or changed over the previous period.

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