I find additional resources are always useful, and more so when they come recommended.

This page includes some a free resources for you to say thank you for visiting my site, as well as a list of resources* that I have found to be helpful in my own journey, or when working with clients.

*Please note that some resources require payment, or are affiliate links.

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Through my own experiences, and when working with clients, I have discovered that for many of us, a good book can really assist.  Whether it be inspiration, motivation, support or just the way it’s written, there are times when nothing beats curling up with a book.

Here I share books and articles that have made a difference in my life.  I ONLY share books I have actually read and found to be valuable.  Think of me as your well-read friend, suggesting a book you might enjoy.

It’s always good to find a new book to read, so I hope by sharing these, you too may discover a book you love or that helps you.  So grab a cup of your favourite beverage and peruse!


Books that are valuable for their insight and guidance, from a whole-life perspective.


Books that changed my approach to parenting.


Home, Habits and Happiness


Books that turned the career discussion around and inspired a new way of looking at career.