Testimonials from my Clients

“When I came to Rowena, I was struggling with finding time for myself, feeling confused about my identity in new roles and lacking career clarity.

After our coaching series, I am moving towards my legacy with intent and purpose.

The coaching sessions really put my life in perspective. The clarity I gained has given me a sense of purpose, not only in the short term but allowed me to align my life where I wanted to leave my legacy on earth. Now I am not afraid of dreaming big; I’m on my way to fulfilling my inner calling.”

Mona, Business Development Specialist & Mother, Perth, Australia.

joyhopelove.com“After coaching with Rowena my confidence has increased and I now know I can make changes to my own career and life without sacrificing my own or my family’s happiness.

Rowena really gets to the heart of her clients’ various conundrums but also brings so much empathy for people, particularly those who have had significant grief impact their lives.

Working with Rowena was enlightening, affirming and confidence-building. If you are seeking a coach to help support you through a major transition or change, or just to help you feel happier and more confident, I would definitely recommend her.”

Anna,  High School Teacher & Mother, Sydney, Australia.

joyhopelove.com“I came to Rowena wanting to do something meaningful with my life;  aligned to my true passion, gifts and talents and that would make this world a better place.

After working with Rowena, I have so much more strength and resilience. I am not afraid anymore. I experienced many powerful moments of discovery and healing. I am now certain I am where I am supposed to be and that my dreams will be brought to life.

Coaching with Rowena was powerful, transformative, life-changing and authentic. If you are seeking a phenomenal, compassionate, professional and intuitive coach, Rowena is the coach for you.”

– Katrina, Life Coach and Mother, Queensland, Australia. www.katrinajane.life


“Rowena is a warm, caring and positive individual.  She is calm, encouraging and supportive.  She is one of the best listeners I know!  She takes the time to truly understand you.

Rowena is empathetic and provides wonderful insights.  She also helps you to challenge your thinking in her own special and gentle way.”

Rochelle, HR Specialist Consultant & Mother, Sydney, Australia.

 “Rowena was a great coach; I found our sessions insightful and enjoyable, and she was always very supportive and encouraging.

After working with Rowena, I now allow myself time to indulge in things that make me feel good without guilt. This approach has made me happier, and has led to a more peaceful inner world and happier/healthier relationships. Work wise I have more energy and confidence in my approach.

My husband and friends notice that I am happier, more alive and energetic too after my coaching with Rowena.”

Emily, Professional Musician, Teacher & Mother, Sydney, Australia. www.accentstrings.com.au

“I’ve worked with Rowena for over 15 years and throughout that time she’s been one of the single most positive influences on my life.

When I initially met Rowena she naturally took on a mentoring role and although things have evolved somewhat since then, I would still class her as one of my most valued mentors, coaches and friends.”

Matt, Director & Founder, Published Author, Father, Sydney, Australia. www.henricksconsulting.com.au

“Rowena is a truly inspiring woman.  Before I met her I knew little about stillbirth and the silent impacts it has in our society. 

She is really doing wonderful things to help women like herself and their families find their joy in life again after experiencing this tragedy.  I also admire how she passionately advocates to raise awareness of and bring a voice to this issue in society and also the workplace.”

Kate, Conscious Business & Career Coach, Melbourne, Australia. www.katemccready.com