Rowena Mabbott - joyhopelove.comHi I'm Rowena Mabbott a life and loss coach

Hi, I’m Rowena Mabbott a lifestyle and energy coach

Thank you for joining me in my online home,  You are very welcome here.

Please stay awhile, take a look around and learn a bit more about me and what I do.

What I do

I  work with individuals and organisations to support bereaved parents.

I do this via many roles, including:

  • Life & Loss Coach
  • Consultant
  • Writer
  • Speaker

Into each of these I bring my experience as a life coach, senior HR manager, consultant and facilitator as well as my personal experience of child loss.

Why I do what I do

In 2008 my second son was stillborn.  As a result of this life-changing experience, I made a decision to live a different life.

I am passionate about supporting parents who have lost a child, helping them rediscover their passion for life, and live in a way that honours the memory of the child they lost, so that they are happier and more fulfilled.

As a mother who has lost a baby, I have been there in the dark place, wondering “what do I do now?”.

I want to use my experience to make your journey easier, and help you live a life full of joy, hope and love that also leaves a legacy.


I  work with parents who have lost a baby, who want to honour their child by confidently living their best life; a life full of joy, hope and love that also leaves a legacy.

For parents, we do this via one-on-one coaching. The individual parent (mother or father) works with me to identify their values, purpose or legacy, and how to live in a way that truly honours their lost child.

Through my coaching programs we explore how you want to live to honour your child, and what legacy might look like for you.

As a result of my personal experiences, I care deeply about supporting parents to evolve and transition after loss.  The Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL) group was created for this purpose.  A place for parents to support each other as they identify and answer ‘what do I do next?’


For organisations and HR experts, I provide tailored sessions exploring the value proposition and strategic benefit of workplace support for bereaved parents, including long-term career impacts, employee wellbeing and talent retention.

When an organisation gets the provision of support right, they have a loyal employee for life. Which is beneficial for both the organisation and individual.

As an HR professional, and as a bereaved parent, working with organisations to help them support other parents is something I am deeply passionate about.


My entire philosophy and way of being is based on the importance of trust.  I believe this is the key to creating deep and lasting relationships, which is the essence of what brings meaning to life.

I’m approachable, accountable and easy to be with.  I do what I say I will do.

I am a great listener and protect the confidentiality of those I support.  I am reliable, loyal and care deeply about people.

I would love to work with you

If you are seeking a compassionate and trustworthy professional, I am here for you.  Have a look around, and get to know me and my work.  Or, get in touch!

Contact me for more information


You can also get to know me better and connect with a community of other parents by joining the Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL) group.

Want to know more?

PETAL – Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss